Community Property Short Sale?

Question by miit: Community Property Short Sale?
Me and my wife are going through divorce. We bought this house in California in2005. Two years she moved to France. I stopped paying mortgage six months ago. It’s not foreclosed yet and i think it’s only the matter of time so i moved out of the house. Now one of the realtors told me that I should try to short sale the property. But i don’t know if I can do it or not.

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Answer by TRIXIE
do what your Realtor tells you to do.. the bank is going to do what they want anyways. it’s over.

**Edit, to sparkler.. he said he stopped paying 6 months ago. at best, if the house sells it is going to show as a paid foreclosure on his credit report.

** note to Loving your Princess. you work for a mortgage company. I am a mortgage company. let me give you a secret inside tip. “we don’t give a sh*t”. that is the God’s honest truth.

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  • Loving my 14 month old princess! says:

    Dude…You need to listen to your realtor…Call the bank and your realtor and start the process for a short sale…If you have a Foreclosure on ur credit your credit will be ruined…

    Your mortgage company is going to want to work this out with you in any way they can because a foreclosure is costly to them as well. If you want to keep your house and try to get caught up on payments if you can afford it then ask them if you can work out a repayment plan. They WILL and WANT to work with you.

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