Dayton signs bills into law

Dayton signs bills into law
Chapter 186, SF 1246: This public safety bill requires a driver to stop and investigate possible personal injury or property damage following a collision. This bill passed the House 124-3 and the Senate 45-16. • Chapter 188, HF 859: … The bill also …
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Hardship Makes a New Home in the Suburbs
“This is where poor people live now, and this is where they are going to live,” said Alan Berube, an author of the Brookings Institution study. “When poverty moved out of the inner cities it …. Imelda Santana, whose desk is just a few feet away from …
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Homeowner wants out of broke association
Now I want to sell my unit. I don't want to deal with this association my whole life. Should I pay off my mortgage as soon as I can, buy a small house and then sell the townhome? I'm concerned that a lender would consider the purchase of a new home as …
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