Stop Foreclosure Trustee Sale?

Question by john v: Stop Foreclosure Trustee Sale?
We have received a date for a trustee sale on our house. we are behind 6 onths and have talked with a attorney. He wants us to file a BK but our income is too high.( so is our mortgage)..
Anyway I have two questions..
1. Is there anyway to stop the tustee sale without using a attorney??
2. If we file a BK to stay in the house a few more months, will it show on our credit report if we dont do anything past the filing??
Confused & Broke

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Answer by Dale H
The only other way to stop the trustee sale might be to bring the mortgage current. Do you have any funds in your retirement accounts that you could borrow against or do a hardship withdrawal? Could friends or family help?

If you make so much money, why did the mortgage become delinquent? Sounds like a new budget to prioritize the mortgage will be in order if you are able to re-instate your mortgage.

Good luck.

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  • alterfemego says:

    John, the attorney’s advise is most likely your only option due to your current financial situation.

    If you had paid a small amount of your mortgage each month and at least spoke to the lender when they called, you might have staved off the foreclosure proceedings. Now there are only two ways to stop it, file BK or pay up.

  • Mark C says:

    You really need an attorney and accountant.

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