How can stop foreclosure on a home?

Question by Phil Lawson: How can stop foreclosure on a home?
my dad is having problems with his loan company and he doesnt have any idea of how to get help with an attorney oflr something so im him. he is having trouble making his payments but he finally got a deal worked out with them and made the lump some payment and for some reason they returned the payment. i dont know.much but if anyone can help ke find him some kind of assistance it great he is in lake county indiana.

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Answer by Go with the flow
The lump sum payment was not enough.
In case you were wondering the reason.

There is no assistance.
Mortgage companies are required by the feds to help if a person qualifies.
This means they can afford the home, there is help.
If they cannot afford the home, no angel is going to come down and pay the monthly mortgage for them.

I have seen many people scammed online by companies.
Your job is not to let your dad fall for scams. Very easy to run.

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