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In this episode of Project Get Me Stackin’ Evan answers that oh-so common question, “Can you make money playing poker?”. The answer is yes, and the info is this video will arm you with the…

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  • TheRandomVideoGuy says:

    back in 2009 I was depositing 100 dollars on ultimate bet on a Friday night
    playing 2 tables of NL 25/50 cent 6 max. then every time I doubled up
    moving up stakes right up until $3/6. I was such a bad player all in on any
    flop with any 2 overcards ,all in pre with any pair and I did not believe
    anybody I was re raising everyone with air when they had no fold equity.
    even though I was this bad a player I was taking $3000 a weekend most
    weekends. i just wish id took more advantage of it.

  • Gripsed says:

    I’ve requested a forum be included in the next build of the website which
    I’m hoping to have ready in september!

  • Iamasuperuser123 says:

    Just because there is a lot of information out there does not mean people
    use it well.

  • NordmannPhotography says:

    Thank you so much for your response! Good luck in your future play.

  • aaron owings says:

    Stick to what your bankroll can maintain. If you have bad swings at 2nl
    eventually variance will get the best of you in 10nl and possibly make you
    bust if you don’t use proper bankroll management.

  • Zack HS says:

    Hey Evan, I told couple of guys about you… they are addicted to gripsed
    now.. Good job sir.. thanks. oh and by the way ElkY called and he wants his
    T-shirt back!

  • MicskiDK says:

    Would you say, that full ring 2 NL is harder to beat, than 6 max 2 NL? A
    reason could be, that more study, practice, patience and tight play is
    needed in order to see a slight profit.

  • kreteman777 says:

    Lol. That’s when it’s time to get a job.

  • Tresty says:

    I’ve got the worst f-ing poker trainer… 🙂

  • Aaron Butler says:

    Evan, your videos are great! They are so valuable to any serious poker
    player!! Do you currently run a Gripsed forum? I’d love to get more
    involved. Thanks

  • axxs says:

    thanks gripsed,you are both a good teacher and a great motivator….u
    should change the title though,we all know you can make money playing
    poker,the question is can u make more money playing poker than holding a
    $10/hr todays highly competitive field,making more than $10,000 a
    year at online poker is considered an amazing feat nowadays and for most of
    the aspiring 18s to 20 somethings.the time and effort spend on this
    unconventional income can be too great and costly.

  • InS0MnI says:

    The emotional aspect is very important indeed !

  • yourtube says:

    I think the jump is definitely quite large, the regulars are better and
    the fish fewer (plenty on friday nights though lol) but people are still
    making mistakes – usually they call too much postflop or vs 3bets and 4bets
    so you should be value betting larger and increasing 3-4bet sizes with
    QQ+/AK slightly against these players or they are overly aggressive and you
    should look to bluff induce with tpgk+. Look for leaks in your game and
    always try to improve.

  • yourtube says:

    I had 20bb/100 over 20k hands, 2NL is just super soft. Several years ago
    such rates were achievable at 25NL lol. *Sighs*

  • Kyle golden says:

    I say absolutley it is possible to make money playing poker. Treat it more
    like a hobby than a job. Experiment with games until you find which is
    profitable for you. Don’t expect to be the next Isildur1, (he is just
    insane).Be thankful you’re not losing a private island and a yacht in 2
    hands. It’s better to make 2 dollars in a day , than lose 100+, take it
    slow, Don’t quit your day job . LISTEN to gripsed, he knows. Just enjoy the
    game .Pratice . learn . Golf pros never made money at first…

  • Kyle golden says:

    And just because you have lots disposable income does not mean you can beat
    1/2 NL right away or even .10/.25 NL. I once lost close to 4 K on party
    poker because I tilted in cash games before I even knew what tilt was .
    Took years off , worked on my game and discipline. Now I am happy making a
    small amount day to day.Never make that mistake .Degen poker is not the
    way.Start from the bottom , no matter how much your beginning deposit is.

  • james pegrum says:

    Hi Evan, I find your videos very informative keep up the good work. I have
    given up playing cash games as I was loosing more money as i was making. I
    now just concentrate on playing tournaments with some success. The
    tournament videos you’ve put up are very helpful thanks James.

  • Gripsed says:

    with that sized bankroll you should probably start with 1 or 2$
    tournaments/sngs otherwise yes, that’s a lot of your roll to be putting
    into play on one game.

  • charilaou1 says:

    Great topic bro. In my view it’s simples, my goal was to become the best
    player I could be, study, play, play more and simply persevered to improve
    my game… and THEN came the moneys. Play within your roll as Evan has
    covered extremely well and you can enjoy the ride, Peace 🙂

  • imnophd says:

    Hey Evan I’ve got a quick question. I have listened to your videos for
    about 5 months now and I have gained a huge amount of poker insight, so
    thank you for that. Now to the question. If I deposit for a relatively
    small amount, say $40 risking $5-$10 to play in a tournament seems like a
    huge portion of my bankroll and the thought of losing that much money right
    away has always scared me out of playing in tournament. Am I thinking about
    this the wrong way?

  • miximup says:

    You also need luck.

  • Engels Villar says:

    great vid

  • TheOnlyPipeyG says:

    Great videos been watching for about a year, I’ve done really well in some
    freerolls and slowly won bigger ones gradually (10 dollars, 30 dollars and
    recently 47 dollars) , cashing with places such as 1000 out of 30000, 1st
    out of 6000 and 3rd out of 3000, i’m really happy to see improvement in my
    game and i’m hoping this Christmas and my birthday march 20th will mean
    lots of money and mean more play in return more profit, ( thinking of
    putting 300 or 400 pounds down to pokerstars or 200 pounds onto two sites
    in which give double money 200 to 400) I have been successful but really
    only free rolls or sometimes with my own money but i would lose it all, ill
    have a high then a low, Ive been putting down around 20 pound or 30 each
    time (monthly or every like three months) and have splashed around in games
    that i find i’m not strong at and wasted lots of money, but you’ve made me
    understand so much about the game in the past month since when i stopped
    playing because of getting busted, you taught me now what game to play,
    what sizes to bet, what cards to play and how, lots and lots of information
    I would never of dreamed of 20 years ago, thanks so much gripsed I hope you
    have a great Christmas
    You being a teacher I hope will make me playing poker regularly for lots of
    money a reality, cheers!

  • Harout Massoyan says:

    Thank you for this video too!

  • john smith says:

    MOST poker players who make money are doing it by writing books, getting
    sponsorships, teaching classes, or setting up websites. There’s TOO MUCH
    hype about making money in poker. It doesn’t do the industry any good to
    admit that poker is not a good long-term way to make money.

  • sküll düggery says:

    how do you deal with all these damn swings. i mean i win, win, win… then
    lose, lose, lose!

  • Hjalmar Nyman says:

    the first 1:45 was stupid. horrible quality btw

  • Sagaeliten says:

    How can you play 6tables at the same time? are you able to read all your
    or you just playing as a rock?

  • Andrej Vrazic says:

    How to Make Money Online Playing Poker

  • Demogorgon47 says:

    Fucking hell dude the amount of spambots on your video is off the chart.

  • Krishan Fernando says:

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about
    how to earn money online playing games try *Awsomic Game System* (do a
    search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got
    amazing results with it.

  • AtlasZero13 says:

    How did you do this? Every site I find doesn’t allow us to play for money
    o.o where are you from

  • seth larsen says:

    All these scammers posting because they feel if people are stupid enough to
    fall for these rigged poker sites they will also fall for their garbage.

  • Kenny Pauls says:

    This video is not for me…or maybe the title was ill-named. Obviously
    someone was interested in telling their life story (proceeded by 1:40 of
    rap). I watched the hands for a while hoping that there might be something
    of value to be said besides all the really bad things he did, but gave up
    about 8 and a half minutes in. Not trolling…just saying. Maybe I’d be
    interested in how your life turned out if I was sitting at a table and had
    cards in my hand too…but on youtube?….nope.

  • עדי שרון says:

    wow everybody assume the target audience for this video are people looking
    for “easy ways to make money online” not considering they see poker as a
    job or atleast a second job…dont think those surveys intrest anyone not
    to mention the “hidden” ad

  • davi ebrey says:

    wow all them scammers i would like to shoot in the face point blank range
    not because i believed and tried this because it disgusts me

  • TheVoodooLion says:

    good video but your not telling us how to play or how to win, your not
    giving us anything other than your experiences so ‘the title is misleading.

  • Gshock Gshockk says:

    he won 26k? and he play 1 and 2 cent table? Tell that story to a homeless
    people NERD.

  • jojo bobo says:

    pokerstars is a scam

  • Kenneth Tay says:

    wow! i’m gonna take a bankloan for 10k now, i’ll have 2 million in
    1.2month!! i can pay back the loan, and continue on my journey to be a
    multibillionaire and soon buy my own country!! by playing online poker!!

  • Brian Powell says:

    You’re a straight up scumbag for stealing money from your mother’s mortgage
    account. She pays for the house your ungrateful ass sleeps in every night.
    Absolutely disgusting.

  • Jakato Sallay says:

    i’m sorry if you feel offended but this is what poker does to you

  • Anthony G says:


  • davidallenroth says:


  • Vk says:

    I followed a comment about Frowzy Interpreter on a YouTube video, I jumped
    onboard and its been my best decision online. Period. 

  • joe young says:

    pretty much if you do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what this guy did.. you will be
    a successful/longterm poker player

  • Michael Reyes says:

    Poker requires skill and patience. Increasing your odds of winning is the
    way to succeed with poker.

  • gerald kohl says:

    this guy is nothing but a front man for the criminal enterprise known as on
    line gambling.just the same as daniel for poker stars. both r scumbag
    pieces of shit

  • Gustavo Castro says:

    Walter Jr, is that you??

  • sspitcher1513 says:

    Can we just talk for a minute about how terrible he plays during this
    entire video…. I mean just really awful poker the entire time.

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