How To Make Money On YouTube (4 Simple Strategies)

How to Make Money on YouTube: In this video, James Wedmore discusses the FOUR simple strategies for actually monetizing your efforts on

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  • EPIC YOKI says:

    Well…. if you are a kid $500 a month is a lot but it still isnt good
    enough. JK its good for me

  • semiramis says:

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  • melanie busch says:

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  • Susumu Iwafune says:


  • ShadowGaming says:

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  • rocky rules says:

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  • shanestjohn1 says:

    I really don’t get all this…. OH how I wish there was a legit way,
    honestly, to make money off of time you can spend on youtube and actually
    learn how to do this….. Seems like a dream…. I love being on social
    media trying to get people to follow or do things to interest people, but
    when we see quotes like “Do you want to make money” and such, you know it
    cannot be true or there are so many scams out there that it is just a far
    fetched wish… I own my own business, but business has stopped for me and
    if I don’t find a way to make some real cash quickly, then all hope is
    lost…. 🙁 I really wish these ideas was real without strings attached.

  • DemonFeast says:

    Just me or did u also press the small enter button (to be sure its not a
    money button)

  • davidallenroth says:

    hmm so all i need is a video with 12 million views. got it…

  • HardcoregamerzzHD says:

    Subscribe my channel and I will subscribe yours 

  • mark taylor says:

    I cringe at her trying to hard?
    Hey man, I sent you 100+ free #yOUTUBEvIEWS to show you it works. For
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  • Jackson Foudray says:

    I can live off of $500 a month because I am only 13! Just joking! Thanks!

  • Beri Shauer says:

    I don’t get it. What fun is it to steer people away from youtube? YOUTUBE
    is way too awesome! You’re talking about selling off a separate website but
    using youtube as just an advertisement to lead people to buy somewhere
    else. It’s a good idea to affiliate but not everyone is a salesmen. The
    whole idea of making YouTube videos, in my opinion, is to do something you
    enjoy doing and make money doing it. Almost everyone monetizes their
    videos. The way I see it, someone may click on a video of the channel they
    love and walk into another room while the ad plays. Most people will just
    skip the ad after 5 seconds. But to be realistic, a true subscriber won’t
    be scared away from one of their favorite channels. One of my friends has a
    Siberian husky channel and she is hitting close to a million subscribers
    after years of not giving up!

  • Stillshocked91 says:

    I bet pewdiepie get over $1,000,000 each month

  • Manuel Sheldon says:

    *How To Make Money On YouTube (4 Simple Strategies)*

  • superholly says:

    it’s 2015 and the link no longer works! :(

  • 12codyishere says:

    I be cool with 500 a month lol , even 50 dollars a month on Youtube would
    be awesome. He talks like 500 a month is nothing, a lot of people could and
    do live on 500 a month.

  • RaidedInHD HDRaids says:

    sub to me and ill sub back :)

  • RachelArtist says:

    500 dollars a month? Well first off, if you are too young to have your own
    life and you just do youtube for a hobby, that’s actually quite good! I
    mean, to buy yourself stuff, and stuff. :P

  • fisbazcan says:

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  • AssassiNinjaPlays says:

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  • UW7 Gaming says:

    Sub 4 a sub 

  • April R. Landrum says:

    >>Best e book I ever read ,starting using this 4 months ago,alreaady making
    about 4000$ every month…

  • jardel pierre says:

    Can kids make money off YouTube

  • Make Money Trading Stocks says:

    hi james wedmore this is your best video ever. I like it because you did
    not have too much visual effects except at first when you show money rain.
    for the example that you give about that guy who have millions of views
    each month and can only make $500. understand that some youtubers have less
    views but can make money from adsense. this is because ads are placed
    according to the theme of the video. so advertisers pay more on ads that
    make more money.
    so a video of 1000 views can make $2 but another video video can make $10
    or more on each 1000 views.

    so all depend on what subject the video is about. so some channels can make
    more money than other even though they have the same views.

    i have seen a lot of adsense earnings videos but their earnings are totally
    different although they have the same views.

    thanks a lot again for this video.

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