How Much Money You Earn Per Video View On Youtube (2.7.2013 – Day 102)


A lot of people who just start earning on YouTube ask this question. Well, Everybody has different pay. In this video I’m going to show you how much you get …

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  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

    “extra tags” are against youtube’s rules mate. just a heads up.

  • WorldWide Wacko says:
  • Durgesh Thakur says:

    Sub to me and i will sub back to you

  • Younes Raylan says:

    thanks bro salam

  • Addictive Gaming Tumor says:

    Nice video…cleared my thoughts

  • Rohan Pandya says:

    thank you for sharing …. :)

  • Lia Mack says:

    Thanks for the video :-)

  • Timothy AhLong says:

    Hi, How can in start earn money by youtube view? 

  • Steve Awesome says:

    your awesome

  • GlamthatfaceLa la says:

    I have 100 views on my vid and it say 0 earnings please help

  • Uncontrollable E.W.A says:

    I’ve been make a few hundred views per video how come I haven’t made any

  • MirandaDance says:

    Bahah you got a like just fir the jeero thing dkm

  • baljeet ahluwalia says:

    good one Abeer but, by the way, Indians don’t say ‘blaag’ instead of ‘blog’
    like you do!

  • TONY'S ESL CAFE says:

    I am monetized. I assume that’s it? I am accepting advertisements.
    I know my video’s suck right now, but there are a few good ones.
    My main question is monetization. Is that all I can do to get paid?
    or did I miss something? I assume google Adwords is included
    in the monetization if I remember correctly. Thank you.

  • Jabir Salek says:

    just subscirbe to me

  • chidananda nayak says:

    and brah how much money you are making per one video! 

  • nicolas salazar says:

    I still dont understand how often does youtube check the views. if I make
    1000 views in one day I get the same amount of money if I get the same
    amount of views on a month. and if I dont then how often does youtube send
    you a paycheck, annualy, monthly, weekly, If anybody can answer this I will
    apreciate it very much, sorry for my english. (not native language).

  • Jim Beattie says:

    Looks like you’ve made about $370.00 so far.

  • AGDFAMILY413 says:

    If I had 5000 views before I monetize my videos do I get that money

  • Puppy Cat says:

    I still don’t get how much you get paid for each subscriber? If you have 3
    subscribers, than how much do you get paid?

  • Kirby Jr says:

    hmm good stuff abeer thanks for explaining it like that. Ad block sure is
    taking over. I like how you responded to the people below instead of
    ignoring all of their comments. subbed

  • fgjhfd dtyg dfg says:

    I got my own channel..for some videos I got more than a 1000 views……but
    as per your info , I checked each video’s analytics.
    I get money only if a viewer clicks on the ads on my vid.
    please help me….!

  • Banat we Bas says:

    Thanks a lot for all your videos. They are really helpful. I have been a
    partner for a long time and I have already made 400.00 $ in my earning
    reports, yet I didn’t receive any email about payment!!!! I sent feedback
    but nothing changed. My channel is in good shape and I am a verified
    partner ??? what would you advice me to do ?

  • anil kumar says:

    +Abeer khan only the people who are illiterate they say jeero, not
    everyone man, first you should know before judging.. 

  • Issam Khreich says:

    I did connect my connect to AdSense but when I check my earnings they are
    always 0 but I’m always getting new views,any help? :)

  • Soham Chakraborty says:

    Please reply.
    I got 48000 views before monetisation, will I get that money after
    monetising it? 

  • Rob Buser says:

    Hi Abeer,
    – I am looking for a Joint-Venture Partner…
    – with something that make tons off money all ready!
    – and 100% hand-free (online)

    What I will show you goed hand in hand with what you rae doing now.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Rob Buser
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  • Qais Jan says:

    so for a video that have 1 million views gets
    0.0012x 1,000,000= $1200
    am i right? 

  • Make Money Trading Stocks says:

    hi abeer well each video is independent. some videos can make 10 or more
    for 1000 views others make less than a $1.
    all depend on the subject of the video. some themes get more earnings
    because advertisers pay more.

    so there is no exact thing in earnings as there is no exact views per
    video. one videos could have one million views and another video can have a

    hope that helps

  • Elite Games || Danish Zia says:

    for some reason , my one video with only 18 views just made 2$
    and I’m happy :D


    Stop with the fake accent Abeer

  • Ppinwpp Onttsthree says:

    Your voice is very easy to listen, i don’t know why

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