How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

New Updated video on earnings a year later: Join a partnership program to start making money on YouTube: Here’s…
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  • Gary L says:

    Wow, less than I thought

  • eye catching videos says:

    great work..can u tell me how many views are required to start earning
    money on a video …(means what is the minimum limit for getting the money
    on a video)

  • William Peterson says:

    Thanks for the information. My son wants to start a Youtube channel so this
    was a great resource for him to see the facts. Thanks for being

  • ronda hamilton says:

    Hi Brandon, I’m just learning about all of this and would like to learn how
    to set up everything from begin to end! All I have now is a gmail account
    but any advice on where to start of if you have a video please let me know.
    I plan to create some catchy videos that I think will generate $$ so
    should I focus on creating the videos first and then look into how to start
    my you tube business? I heard you mention having to pay someone else…
    can you explain?

  • John Moore says:

    Bro you the man, I will be using this info to build BIG. I Love Youtube

  • StPadrePio33 says:

    Thanks for your honesty

    God bless you!

  • nicholas lee says:

    I get a lot of money

  • Lazy Ppl says:

    We were already paying for “Obama Care” before the Obama Care.

  • The Cabbage says:

    I’m a total newb to making money on youtube. I am just wondering, can you
    use websites in youtube videos legally? like in this video you made you
    have social blade in the background. can you just record your computer
    screen and make a commentary over the top and start earning? or is there
    legal terms about that?

  • claudia sofia says:

    Hello, so to make money you have to open a Youtube channel, right?, where
    can I read the Youtube agreement?, thank you

  • Cappistrano Bellephante says:

    How come when I try to type your name into social blade you don’t show up?

  • Fanny A says:

    Very interesting, thanks! I am a female, so I hope you are happy now 🙂 and
    I enjoy watching your face, promise. I am watching all these beauty
    Youtubers with over a million views per video and they usually say “Please
    keep watching”.. Always been wondering about that, like ofc I will keep on
    watching if I took the time to click on the video.. Now I know why they are
    reminding me to always keep on watching the whole video, so again, thanks!
    You are doing a great job. Good luck with your channel! /Fanny from Sweden

  • Christopher Vassel says:

    I’m assuming you have another day job? Just can’t see how people are able
    to put up so many videos and still financially survive. In the mean time,
    LOVE the videos and thank you for all your tips and advice.

  • moonslash says:

    Chris Jones only makes half of what social blade says, because that Vince
    Garza guy leeches off of him.

  • Priya Friday Pabros says:

    Thanks so much! This was hugely helpful.

  • Col Denn says:

    I was gonna give you a thumbs up for this Vid but you had to go make it
    political and it all went down hill from there.

  • Xiomara C says:

    So when youtube pays you by “views”, is it views within 24 hours of a video
    or within a month in total? 

  • neiljamesmusicman says:

    Thanks very much for your forthright disclosure.

  • Madboy of east says:


  • shadow buster says:


  • Miri Soji says:

    It’s much higher than I thought so that’s awesome xD

  • deliusism1 . says:

    Why the last second comment about Obamacare? What the hell did that have to
    do with anything? That wasn’t even in effect yet when this video was made.

  • Brandon Campbell says:

    +Ron Champion Could respond directly to yours b/c of your privacy settings

  • Brandon Campbell says:

    Just a heads up, If I don’t respond to you it’s either b/c your privacy
    settings won’t allow me to, or you got flagged for spam by YouTube. 

  • Brandon Campbell says:

    Hey all, thanks for the feedback on this video, I’ve put up a newer version
    a year later and the numbers have improved significantly. It’s linked in
    the description. 

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