Stop the Oakland Fruitvale Gang Injunction

After organizing a week of actions, on Friday March 4th 2011 Oakland youth took to the streets. They organized walk outs to boost numbers for a march and rally. Along the way from the Fruitvale BART station to downtown Oakland their numbers grew, they educated the community along the way and they took over intersections and streets refusing to take criminalization lying down.

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  • JSmith345543 says:

    Excellent example of what, ignorant people assembling to protest the police doing everything they can to get gangbanging trash off the streets? They’re idiots.

  • 342kobe says:

    flavor flav roach

  • john cooper says:

    Fruitvale was once a quiet, safe, working class bedroom neighborhood. Add illegal aliens….and like EVERY other neighborhood taken over by them the streets become battlegrounds for thugs. Changing the name to politically correct “undocumented workers” doesn’t change the culture they bring to the US.
    Caifornia is the model for what illegal immigration brings.

  • john cooper says:

    I can tell by your comment that you’re part of the problem in Oakland. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell me, what do the protestors want changed that will make Oakland a better, safer place?

  • Pablo Paredes says:

    Folks involved in the movement to stop criminalization are actively working on solutions that are actually evidence based and proven to reduce crime and make healthier communities. Restorative Justice, Youth Empowerment Zones, Jobs, educational equity campaigns are all proven to reduce violence. The problem is that when it comes to investing in the future of low-income youth of color, the same people so worried about violence fight hard to resist these proven preventive measures.

  • Pablo Paredes says:

    Telling someone to speak english and spelling it “inglish” is absolutely priceless. In 4 words we learned that you are foul mouthed, racist, that you poorly dominate the english language even while you complain about the linguistic short commings of someone who is probably bilingual and that you don’t respect mothers.

  • manny27breh says:

    i saw my self so many times in this video 😛
    THATS HOW WE DO! youth power!

  • cali4tune says:

    I can’t believe 1. How stupid these kids are supporting gangs “rights”. Useful idiots the lot of them. 2. What is wrong with the schools that let kids walk out of class like this and then think its great the kids are participating in the comuuuuunity. What BS.

    These gangs are a blight on the whole country and need to be rooted out. The whole idea that the gangs rights are being violated while they prey on the innocent people illustrates why these kids are in school and shouldn’t have much

  • 0o0oo0o says:

    All gangs must be stopped.

  • robertoeliaschavez says:

    nothing will ever change. kids want to follow that street mentality that gangs and drugs are cool, just like on the rap video. then they grow up and realize how stupid they were but by then its to late cause a hole new generation is taking over were they left off. no hope.nothing will ever change

  • 4eva261 says:

    most of these guys on there look like there in gangs

  • EastOaklandCh0l0 says:

    Instead of putting blame on the kids who are in gangs Blame it on the real cause that really started this “Rich racist WHITE people” That built these jails in our community’s to put gang members ect in Jail just increase more violence which they are held in Need to spend money on building schools instead of jails But police don’t care about anybody like they say they do They will find the most stupidest excused to put you behind bars The more people in jails The more money they get

  • LethalLana says:

    Here is a solution: don’t commit crimes and you won’t go to jail. Cops do NOT get paid per arrest, in California you must really mess up to go to jail.

  • LethalLana says:

    @cali4tune Amen

  • EastOaklandCh0l0 says:

    @LethalLana actually they do Every person walking down the street has a price tag And the police job is to get as many into jails to get their wallet fatter And now and days everything you do is a crime and like I said they are looking for the most stupidest reason to put someone behind bars And usually it’s a black/brown person who is target because most cops are racist

  • pipersmitty87 says:

    ignorant comment to say the least.

  • balince1980 says:

    U don’t like it…..move. Oakland is lost and will never be regained. The police are running out of options and felt like they need to do something. Granted, Oakland cops are dicks but if u have prior knowledge of what not to do…ie: wearing a blue rag and not being a gang member, then that’s ur fault. Only solution is move.

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