Q&A: Should Senator McCain apologize for vote caging ?

Question by Angela Davis: Should Senator McCain apologize for vote caging ?
House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) responded Friday to recent media reports on the plans of the Macomb County Republican Party Chairman and others to use lists of residents of foreclosed homes to block their participation at the ballot box — a voter suppression tactic called by some a form of “vote caging.” Conyers called on John McCain to direct his supporters to stop the practice. The letter:

“The Republican Party has had a long record of blocking eligible voters from voting. In the past two Presidential elections, the country witnessed appalling efforts to limit voter participation in Ohio, Florida and throughout the country. It is beyond disgraceful that the Republican Party now seems to be targeting those who are suffering the most. It appears that individuals who can’t recall how many houses they own don’t understand how awful it is to lose your home to foreclosure, and don’t know that you don’t need to own property to vote in the United States of America. It should surprise no one that the people who gave us the worst economy since the Great Depression would now want to prevent those victimized by this economy from voting in the coming elections. Senator McCain needs to step forward now and halt the Republican Party’s efforts to profit politically from the economic misery of others.”

ABC News reported earlier this week that Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee filed an injunction in federal court to halt the practice.


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Answer by DynaFlowHum
You don’t even want to go there to protect Obama. Does Chicago politics mean anything to you and who was their top “organizer”

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  • Rico Eifo Ata says:

    Yes and No. Politically it would be better for him not to even bring up the subject. The campaign is not the candidate, and the candidate is not the campaign.

    On the other hand, character counts. Let this just be a window into how he will govern. If he won’t speak out against this travesty of justice perpetrated in his name, and would rather win an election–an election won out of fraud and disenfranchising the meek, then maybe it’s up to us to be his judge. We have to decide whether we even want him in the oval office to begin with.

  • margaret h says:

    The Democrats are systematically filing every possible public complaint that they can think of regardless of the validity as a hedge against an Obama loss.
    This one is a crock of sh^t, as are the vast majority of the complaints they are filing.
    They have 7,000 volunteer LAWYERS enlisted in this effort.
    Throw everything at the wall and maybe one or two things might stick in the confusion.

    The people who lost their homes because they failed to pay their bills knew in advance that they would be moving.
    They could have registered to vote at their new addresses.
    Or on election day, they are allowed under the law to vote on a provisional ballot.
    Congressman Conyers is well aware of this.

    The problem with people who have recently moved is that they often DOUBLE VOTE.
    They register at their new address but the registrar of voters fails to remove them from the rolls at the previous address.
    They vote absentee at the old address and in person at the new one.

    The injunction filed by Rep. Conyers is an effort to prevent anyone from purging the voter rolls of people who have moved to prevent double-voting which is election FRAUD.

    Why would Conyers object unless the Democrats are going to make an effort to encourage voter fraud?

  • Mandy says:

    Well last i heard all citizens needed a physical address to vote . i am guessing if they lost there homes they don’t have one .
    and should they the people who bought theses homes took out loans they knew they could not pay back . should they apologize to the working tax payers who had to bail them out .

  • Janny says:

    NO. This is a falsehood, a fake issue, a distraction.

    If you move NO MATTER why you move, you may have to register again to vote.

    If you are properly registered nobody can stop you from voting.

  • Da Snipa Masta says:

    Is Huffington Post really a reliable source?

    I mean, it’s as truthful as Rush Limbaugh.

    Now if you think Rush Limbaugh is a reliable source as well, then all I can say is time will tell.

  • Tim S says:

    They are and will be getting more desperate and there is no dirty trick or voting scam they will not try. They have done it all before. Sign up for mail in ballots. Become poll workers. Let’s not let them steal this one.

  • P.L. Y says:

    No..Politicians don’t apologize..this is not the third grade.

  • Live to fish says:

    Yada yada yada whatever… This is ridiculous. Nobody can stop you from voting IF you’re registered, breathing and not too lazy, drunk, or stupid to go down to the polling place and vote.

  • Adam L says:

    This makes no sense. Statistically these people would end up voting the same as the rest of the country. They can vote or not… on average the numbers would be the same.

    Usually when more people vote, the vote distribution (repub. or dem.) remains the same. Kinda funny, when they get young people registered, like the Dems like to do… they end up having the same party distribution as the rest of the nation. More people does not necessarily mean more votes for your party.

    And if you have a foreclosed house you should not vote for ANOTHER Democrat, who created this problem in the first place. You should actually be mad at yourself for taking out loans you could not afford, and mad at Clinton for making it so easy for people to get sub-prime loans.

  • Hunter says:

    Why should he? he doesn’t need to. What are you (or anybody) going to do about it? Some country, huh?

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