10/12/10: White House Press Briefing

White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.
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  • DavidPennable says:

    haha, at least he deserved it, but still lame

  • DavidPennable says:

    yes I use fiction to illustrate fact that was turned into fiction? TIME PARADOX!

  • DavidPennable says:

    so your not a crook?

  • shooter348 says:

    no, thanks for asking though. I’m glad to clear that up for you.

  • NookulerFreedom says:

    Excuse me, kid?

  • NookulerFreedom says:


    When are you going to stop dealing Afghani Opium?


    And you are getting our troops killed in the process, all to bail out your bankster friends.

    When did Mr. “Hope and Change” become a drug dealer and a 2 bit low-life?

    I guess you always were, huh buddy?

    What do you think your charming little daughters are going to think of their sleazy father one day?

    Safe to assume, not much.


  • DavidPennable says:

    when everyone lies so much, I just had to ask  o_0

  • DavidPennable says:

    the link was kinda lame, but it was a bit funny

  • Pat Gunn says:

    Hey NookulerFreedom, you CRAZY ILLITERATE NUTJOB.. When are you going to get the psychoactive treatment you need? THE WHOLE CHANNEL SEES THE SAME NONSENSE FROM YOU VIDEO AFTER VIDEO IN EXACTLY THIS STYLE. It’s like you’re too lazy to even come up with proper criticism.

  • DavidPennable says:

    at least my posts are actually going somewhere.

  • NookulerFreedom says:

    “Illiterate nutjob”, that is so yesterdays news….

    Who cares what YOU think the channel sees?
    Did it ever occur to you that you are not relevant at all?

    The fact is, Obama is an Opium peddling piece of filth.

    Russia knows it.
    Iran knows it.
    China knows it.
    Europe knows it.
    And so do the top Generals in his command before they get fired.
    I don’t post here for insignificant people like you.
    And you will never know what really goes on.

    In other words, who cares what you think?

  • NookulerFreedom says:

    You know what is so funny about lemmings like you?
    You have failed to see that my comments are not directed at you, they are directed at someone else, and the recipients know it.

    To be honest, I could care less what you “youtube” commentators thinks of me, you aren’t worth the time of day.

    Did I articulate that for you in a way you can understand?
    Go back to sleep you lemming, you have no idea what is really going on here.

  • JackBauerAlwayRules says:

    BA HA HA AH 50:07 NAKED MAN 

  • JackBauerAlwayRules says:


  • BurkeDevlin66 says:

    the only people more idiotic than the guy at the podium are the idiots asking the questions.

  • EikC says:


  • memama2 says:

    BurkeDevlin66 The White House PRESS? ..has to listen to insane clown posse liars and they never get one straight truth filled answer. It is an ObamaPrezDog and pony side show. What do they have to work with? A series of liberal magical math mcfacts from the odumbo magical liberal liars coun-ttt-cue-lietor …..they do the best they can when they have insane running insane asylum and giving out insane agenda with insane reasoning behind it all as the unemployed evidence and eco nazi lies MOUNT

  • memama2 says:

    “0PsycoDad0” exhibit #1  …as to what obama “voter” sounds like and still supports even today = (insane in the membrain) HEY psykodadee? Where is the end of the “shovel ready job line”? Millions await your epic fail obama mcanswer

  • noyouaintgettingit says:

    Wake up people, her answer is more war. My answer as a libertarian is ending all war. Period/

  • noyouaintgettingit says:

    She won’t listen to you, because she’s got her head stuck up her rectum and only sees one side of the corrupt coin. “Democratsaresmart” Doesn’t see that it was Bill Clinton’s regime that did away with the Glass-Steagall Act which led to our downfall economically. Thanks, Democratsaresmart!

  • noyouaintgettingit says:

    <----She won't listen to you, because she's got her head stuck up her rectum and only sees one side of the corrupt coin. "Democratsaresmart" Doesn't see that it was Bill Clinton's regime that did away with the Glass-Steagall Act which led to our downfall economically. Thanks, Democratsaresmart!

  • noyouaintgettingit says:

    This week in news: Banks are seizing 288,000 homes. It sure is fun living in pretend world and acting like we’re out of a recession, isn’t it?

  • Any1Else2012 says:

    next year, I’m claiming 10 million democrats as dependents on my tax return

  • suprattkk says:

    haha that’s one of the best comments i have seen on youtube…good job!

  • libertydogfight says:

    California/Oregon/Washington-Remember that your gov. media told you that there is NO threat as YOU west coasters begin to DIE from radiation particle fall out-as the 3rd reactors fuel included Plutonium-one particle inhalation will KILL YOU!

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