What is Obama’s plan for the Middle Class? Is it feasible?

Question by Lipstick on pitbull: What is Obama’s plan for the Middle Class? Is it feasible?
Lower Health Care Costs and Increase Access
Obama will sign legislation by the end of his first term in office that will provide quality, affordable and portable health care to every single American. His plan will save a typical family up to $ 2,500 every year by modernizing the U.S. health care system to contain costs, promoting
prevention, and strengthening public health. Obama also supports ensuring workers have seven days of paid sick leave per year.
Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief
Obama will provide 150 million workers with a new $ 500 “Making Work Pay” tax cut, worth up
to $ 1,000 per family. He will also eliminate federal income taxes for seniors making less than
$ 50,000, and create a 10 percent mortgage interest credit to give middle class homeowners an
average $ 500 tax cut per year.
Improve Public Schools and Make College More Affordable
Obama is committed to strengthening our public schools. He will increase investment in early
childhood education and will REFORM and fund No Child Left Behind. He will make college
affordable for every American by creating a $ 4,000 American Opportunity Tax Credit and
simplifying the financial aid application process.
Help American Workers Compete in the Global Economy
In today’s economy, American workers are competing against workers across the globe. Barack
Obama has a competitiveness agenda that strengthens our education system, invests in energy, innovation and infrastructure and is committed to fiscal responsibility and fair trade to help our workforce compete and thrive in a global economy. For more, see the above titled report.

So far, all but one answered the question. I would like to hear about McCain’s economic plan, but that’s another question. Thanks for answering, although I don’t agree. I wish you had given a link about the “socialism” remark.

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Answer by SXXY M&M
be prepared to bend over and have the vasoline ready cause he is going to pop it to us

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  • kpk02 says:

    Where’s the money coming to pay for all of this? That’s my biggest concern. Raise taxes until the only people left in the country are the middle and lower class, and all corporations are long gone?

  • Cranky Yankee says:

    His pie-in-the-sky Socialism won’t work. Barry may have been a good community organizer, but he falls far short in his understanding of economics, foreign affairs and the military. We’ve seen this kind of short sighted, vote getting income re-distribution before and know that it doesn’t work.

  • John G says:

    His plan for the middle class has never changed or wavered, his plan is to tax the middle class, along with the lower class into poverty, this will leave Obama and the elites at the top to control the populous as they see fit. Socialism does not work, he does not get it.

  • fmko ( 無神論者は神を知っていない。) says:

    no…i don’t think so…he also said he wants the rich to pay more but…

    Obama voted against requiring wealthy Medicare beneficiaries to pay a greater share of their Medicare Part D premiums…


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