So can any liberals tell me of one single government run social program that has been ran well?

Question by jch: So can any liberals tell me of one single government run social program that has been ran well?
Social Security.. nearly bankrupt and the executives of the administration are taking vacations in Arizona on the taxpayers dime. What about Medicaid? Nearly Bankrupt. What about Social Welfare? Has to borrow money from other departments to make the bills.

So how is Universal Healthcare going to “save” us money again? Government can’t fix social security, Medicare or anything else.. but they are experts on Healthcare all the sudden? Do you not see how stupid of a conclusion that is? How is this going to be any different?
How about reading. I said SOCIAL program. Is the military a social program? Don’t act like liberal congressmen and read for once

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Answer by Endeavor
Post Office
Highway administration
Financial aid for college students
First time homeowner programs
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  • Jess says:

    France and Italy. They have the worlds best health care.
    Maybe we should take a lesson from them

  • It's That Guy says:

    Social Security works just great. Look at the enormous social change it made starting in the 30s. Elderly people no longer have to live with their kids and the ‘multigenerational family’ has become a thing of the past–plus people can retire earlier, freeing up jobs for younger people.

    The GI Bill was a HUGE success. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s we had the biggest percentage of college grads in the world. We had the biggest percentage of homeowners, mostly because of the VHA.

    In the 1950s the REPUBLICANS pushed through the school lunch program in the name of defense! They found that a large percentage of American schoolkids were growing up malnourished and therefore would be unfit for military service, so they decided to feed them at school. (Of course, like Food Stamps, another big reason for the program was to subsidize agribusiness). They also pushed through a federal program to vaccinate children and many childhood diseases simply disappeared–smallpox and polio being the worst, now almost completely unheard of.

    Medicare cares for the elderly and chronically ill. It has the same outcomes, the same customer satisfaction as commercial insurance at much lower cost. We only have Medicare in the first place because the insurance companies didn’t want to bother with people who actually get sick, so we, the taxpayers, took them off their hands. But if we just expanded Medicare to cover everyone in the country we’d get the same level of care we do now but save hundreds of billions a year.

    Then there’s unemployment, worker’s compensation, disability insurance, etc. All those systems work as expected. Yes, there is some fraud and waste, but less than corresponding commercial systems, also cheaper overhead and better govt. oversight.

  • kill_yr_television says:

    If you want to live in a place with no social programs, try Somalia.

  • Zinger II says:

    It creates wonderful careers for drop outs, losers, minorities, etc.

    They get paid $ 75 K per year to shuffle, stamp, collate, bind, copy, print, file, digitize, record, and pass around paper forms all day.

    That is of course when they’re not on break, on vacation, on sick leave, maternity leave, training leave or paying Solitaire and downloading porn in their cubicles.

  • madcat says:

    Well, I think the Healthcare bill is trying to address the fact that a third of the population does not have healthcare.

    Unfortunately, most people who have healthcare don’t support it for those that do.

    By the way, my conservative friends who don’t have healthcare are for it big time.

    Not sure why you are asking just liberals this question. Not all conservatives are butts.

  • Philip H says:

    I see the above contributor doesn’t know the difference between a social program and a Government tax subsidized endeavor that is a public necesity.
    Even the post office is subsidized.
    Well, I guess that is why he is a liberal.

  • garyb1616 says:

    Endeavor.. Post Office…….wow, they are approaching Bankruptcy

  • Smug Liberal says:

    The private health insurance companies say they can’t compete against the government. I guess they are stupid.

  • Hd says:

    you’re not to get get too many answers to this question….there aren’t any.

  • Tracey Seth says:

    ENDEAVOR -the question was ‘social program’ The military, post office, and hiway depts are not social programs….

    I think it depends on where you sit re: those programs…a receipient….a federal worker….a taxpayer. All will have different opinions.

  • dukemack says:

    As to “Endeavors” and others comments above you really think the post office is efficient ? well run ?? really ??
    I’m not saying these arent noble causes w good members (esp the military) – but as govt agencies – you have to be kidding – “efficiency “

  • GopObstruction says:

    the TROOPS


    the post office

    the police

    the fire dept

    the road commison

    the national parks
    the FDA
    the FBI
    the CIA

    need i gone GOP CLOWN

    haa h a hahha

    GM AND AIG SUCVKS and casue this mess


  • John says:

    Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Post Office, interstate highways, State Department, Department of Justice, etc etc

  • Bush Lied Millions Died says:

    The US Military

  • Chupate esa! says:

    We can’t avoid republicans running them to the ground…

    Not to mention we can’t stop republicans from insulting government workers…

  • says:

    I can’t think of one program in which government runs that is efficient!

  • pdooma says:

    I’ll put up the GI Bill.

    It works as designed, for the most part.

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