Q&A: Where can someone with poor credit but very good income get an unsecured loan for $6500?

Question by jane H: Where can someone with poor credit but very good income get an unsecured loan for 00?

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Answer by Judy
If you have good income that would be above the poverty level which would be over 31,400 for a single person.
If you have VERY good income it would be double that to 63,000 / year.
If you make 63K a year you just need to save up for a couple of weeks. Don’t buy anything you do not need.
Also, if your pay is at that scale you probably have a 401K. Consider making a short term loan from that.

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  • Stealth says:

    I agree with RPG sub-prime, try HSBC, Wellsfargo financial and they do charge somewhere along the line of 20ish some %, which will take about 18 years making minimum payments to payoff

  • rpg says:

    Well, you MIGHT be able to get an unsecured loan from:

    – your own bank or credit union
    – a sub-prime lender of unsecured loans (caution: they often charge astronomical interest rates, and you will wind up paying back MUCH more than the $ 6500 you borrow)
    – your own family members (caution: this can ruin good family relationships if something goes wrong)

    If you are in college and need the money for school,

    – Your college’s student financial aid office

    If you are a homeowner and need the money for repairs to your home,

    – HUD and other community development programs may be able to help

    If you own a business and need operating capital (even if it is a small home based business)

    – Try the SBA, although they have recently tightened up lending considerably in response to the golbal economic turmoil

    Do NOT go to

    – a Payday lender (these places are almost guaranteed to destroy your credit and whatever financial health you still may have)

    – A “title loan” company (if something comes up and you can’t repay, you lose your car)

    Also please note: right now it is very difficult for even those with very good credit to obtain unsecured loans, due to the current economic turmoil.

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