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Dr. Terry Calaway and Dr. Jackie Snyder offer their insights in the Polsky Practical Enrichment Series: What community colleges offer students, parents, industry and community. April 1, 2009.
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    Community colleges are garbage. They put America in the mindset that it can only be half educated and ultra specialized.

  • anglefan85 says:

    Not true at all.

    Community colleges are meant to be used as low-cost introductions to college. As long as the credits from the college can be transferred, its a smart decision to go to community colleges because you can get a feel for what major you truly want as well as take care of core credits such as English and History.

    You can also use community college to boost up your GPA in case your high school GPA was too low to get into the school you wanted to get into.

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    stupid video

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    “footprint” is one word. thanks.

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    Or you can end the federal reserve.

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    SadeoGG -yes! i challenged the people of America to stand for open and begin to realize. its time for us to settle this problem. We are ready

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