INJM – House Demolition in Ishinomaki

INJM - House Demolition in Ishinomaki

This video was taken in Ishinomaki, on the balcony of the INJM house. For more info on It’s Not Just Mud, check our website. This is Watanoha, in Ishinomaki. In this area the Tsunami reached a height of over 2 meters. Many homes were damaged beyond repair The city will tear down a damaged house for free (until December 2012) Because of this time limit, people demolish their homes without properly thinking about what comes next. In some cases the home is irreparable. The foundations are too damaged, or too many supporting beams are damaged. Regardless of whether a house is repairable or not, your home falls into a category based on the damage, and the compensation support you receive will vary depending on the extent of that damage. These homes fall into the “Completely Destroyed” category, as does the house we stay in. The houses pictured are beyond repair. But the home owners would have received the same amount of financial support as the owner of the INJM house, in which we stay. Our house was scheduled for demolition, but it was put on hold so that we could use it. So we fixed it up……and now the owner of the house on screen wants to buy it! There is an incredible demand for carpenters in Tohoku, which allows construction companies to charge exorbitant rates. Because the rates are so high, many people can’t afford to pay them, and since the demolition of a house will only be paid for until Dec 2012, people destroy their houses so they don’t turn
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