How to make $2000 in 2 years?

Question by DYNAMICFIGHTER09: How to make 00 in 2 years?
I’m saving up for a new t.v for me and my brothers Im 13 and i plan on getting a t.v. in at least 2 years.

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Answer by Professor Wonderful
Two thousand in two years is quite easy, especially for a child of your age.

Here are some tips:

1) Print first aid information on a single page. Include phone numbers for hospitals and national numbers such as the poison control center. Sell them door-to-door. This will take a lot of customers, but we adults are willing to buy almost anything for a dollar if it is sold by an energetic child on a mission!

2) Speak with neighbors. Offer to clean around, and under, the washer and dryer, with special emphasis on getting out the built-up dust in the dryer’s exhaust vent. Include information from your local fire department about the risk of fire from accumulated lint now remaining in the vent tube. The adults will have to move the devices, but you can pick up ten bucks at each home.

3) Look up stocks that have paid dividends every year for over eighty years. This means they have paid through recessions and the big depression. Sell this information to adults as a news service. (If you try to offer investment advice, you will be breaking the law. This information should be sold as news.) Especially helpful to local professionals could be local stocks that have long track records, even if they do not meet the big depression requirement.

4) Call investment professionals in your area. Call life insurance salesmen in your area, too. Offer to clip the press releases printed in your local papers (especially the business press). Tape each release to a single sheet of binder paper. Look up the phone number of the person in that news release. Sell the information to one agent for two or three dollars per person after he makes his first sale; one dollar per person before that first sale. You can even raise the price to ten dollars per person after he makes his tenth sale. This payment arrangement offers the salesman the opportunity to earn from your efforts without going broke. It also allows you to establish a clientele.

5) Learn how to set a sprinkler system timing clock. Go door-to-door offering to re-set the clocks as the seasons change. Keep the names handy, as you will return every quarter for resets. Fifty clients once each quarter, youngster, and you can start making plans for buying a car for cash. This could be worth five bucks, or even ten, once you develop your customer list.

6) Offer to drain the hot water heater of the sediment. Since one of the chief causes of HWH failure is the build-up of the sediment, you can save your clients from replacing their water heaters soon. You can also offer to leave an inexpensive hose attached to the drain valve. Then, when you return every six months, you only need take the far end of the low pressure hose out of the garage, turn on the spigot, and let five gallons out. Leave that thin hose extended and against the wall of the garage. With the price of the low-pressure hose being paid by the homeowner, you can profit to the tune of ten or fifteen dollars at each home. Then go back on time change months (Spring forward, Fall back for Daylight Savings Time). Pick up $ 3.75 from each customer. (Odd abounts are easier for people to believe.)

7) Offer to read a chapter of the Holy Bible to families in the area. They can even work in the kitchen, as an example, while you read.

TIP: Have a spending, investing, and cash handling system in place!!!

If you do not have a responsible program established, please contact me through Yahoo Answers. Ask for the Financial Freedom Plan of Seven. I will be pleased to send it to you through YA at no charge.

Earning cash is important. Handling cash is critical.

Contemplate the Seven P’s of the Armed Forces of the USA:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance.

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