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homeownersinsurance-quotes.com The case for having homeowner’s insurance – Whether you live in a single family residence, a condominium, a town house or an apartment significant damage to your property or the total loss of that property can have a devastating effecting on your life. Similarly, the loss of some or all of those possessions, which may have taken you a lifetime to acquire, can leave you searching for words to describe your feelings. It is at times like this however that insurance can come to the rescue and, while nothing can every replace all of your losses, homeowner’s insurance can literally turn your despair into hope and allow you to rebuild your property, replace lost items and carry on your life much as before. So what is Homeowner’s Insurance and how do you ensure that you have the cover you need? That’s the question which we answer in this short video to help you to understand just what homeowner’s insurance can and cannot do for you and your family so that you can make the right decision. http
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Helping Homeowners, Housing and Urban Development, Banks and Loans, Refinancing (2012)

thefilmarchive.org February 1, 2012 The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD, is a Cabinet department in the Executive branch of the United States federal government. Although its beginnings were in the House and Home Financing Agency, it was founded as a Cabinet department in 1965, as part of the “Great Society” program of President Lyndon Johnson, to develop and execute policies on housing and metropolises. HUD has experimented with Enterprise Zones granting economic incentives to economically depressed urban areas, but this function has largely been taken over by states. The major program offices are: Community Planning and Development: Many major affordable housing and homelessness programs are administered under Community Planning and Development. These include the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), the HOME program, Shelter Plus Care, Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG), Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy program (Mod Rehab SRO), and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA). Housing: This office is responsible for the Federal Housing Administration; mission regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; regulation of Manufactured housing; administration of Multifamily housing programs, including Supportive Housing for the Elderly (Section 202) and Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (Section 811); and Healthcare facility loan insurance. Public and Indian Housing: This office

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