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From KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS Producer Ruth Ezell examines the mortgage crisis in Jefferson County, an area which experienced more than 900 foreclosures in 2007 alone. So far in 2008, there have been nearly 600 foreclosures. Jim Yates of Pevely is a single father and one of the county’s homeowners facing foreclosure. Over the years, Yates had been refinancing to make ends meet, but now faced with a failing septic system, he is seeking assistance from the Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County (EDC).
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What concrete steps do you want to hear the President say about ending climate change this year, in his inauguration? The President must call for global cooperation between the US & China, to build millions of new solar power homes, this year, to help prevent the environmental collapse. Obama’s failure to even hurricane Sandy was a mistake. Many people rightfully fear these super storms represent an actual attacks on America, signaling the end of the world. Just like the meltdown of the atomic plants in Japan, are treated in Japan, by the majority, as an actual attack on Japan, by nuclear weapons. The President can sooth those real fears by offering proposals that provide real solutions. Like a Feed-in Tariff requiring the Utilities, like PG&E, be required to buy all solar made by farmers & homeowners at .54 kwh. This is real economics, that has been tested for 20 years in Germany. And proof it is real, is, that 71 nations in the world have already implemented a Feed in Tariff. So has Los Angles and Vermont. Why is the US so slow? This is not a time for half measures. We need solid steps, taken today, based on real, tested science that will kick into action this year!! No “three years from today”. This is Pearl Harbor. Obama may not recognize this is WAR, but the majority do. Who are our main allies in the campaign for a solar Feed-in Tariff to stop global warming? Probably small family farmers and homeowners. Of nearly 8 million single-family homes statewide, 60000
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