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08.16.11 (LAS CRUCES) — Many people who lost their jobs recently are having a difficult time paying their mortgage while putting food on the table. Now, a local group wants to encourage banks to help give homeowners financial relief. Rose Ann Vasquez is like most people across the country. “I’m at risk at getting my mortgage foreclosed,” she said. A single mother of three, Vasquez recently earned a Master’s Degree. “It’s a stressful time,” she said. Vazquez became unemployed in June and continues to look for work, but time is running out and she’s scared of losing her house she’s lived in for 12 years. “I’m a native and I would like to stay here, but as it appears I may have to go out of state,” she said. According to CAFÉ, Comunidades En Accion Y De Fe, since 2007, foreclosures in New Mexico have doubled and median home values in Las Cruces have dropped by nearly 000. “We have families that have saved up all of their savings to buy a home, to buy the American Dream and yet it’s being stripped from under them,” said Sarah Nolan, executive director of CAFÉ. The group is working to get financial institutions like Bank of America to modify loans or reduce the principal amount that homeowners owe to reflect the current market. “We want them to stay in their homes. We want families to stay in their homes and right now there’s no one holding Bank of America accountable,” said Nolan. Officials with the Amador Bank of America Branch in Las Cruces say they are not authorized

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  • cagedodgeman says:

    What happened to “Its All Good New Mexico” ??

    I guess its not all good is it. Learn about the Banking Cabal who owns America and why we are in dire straits

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