How to stop a tax sale foreclosure?

Question by aamanda_88: How to stop a tax sale foreclosure?
My house went up for a tax sale and someone purchased the certificate. They are about to foreclose. My father is on SS disability and we live in New Jersey. He is half owner of the house which he shares with a brother. The house is paid off except for the taxes. Are there any programs, loans, or any help out there that can save my house?

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Answer by wartz
Have him talk to a bankruptcy attorney immediately. A Chapter 13 filing would halt the sale and give him the opportunity to pay the outstanding taxes off over a three year period.

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  • acermill says:

    It appears that New Jersey allows redemption of the tax sale certificate by the property owner prior to foreclosure. Please read the provided URL for more information, and immediately speak to the property tax division in the municipality in which you are located for further guidance.

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