Does anyone know if there’s a website out there that you can check peoples California arrest records for free?

Question by uwpbutterfly: Does anyone know if there’s a website out there that you can check peoples California arrest records for free?
Wisconsin has a website where you can type in a person’s name and see if they have any charges against them…anywhere from simple traffic stops to bankruptcy/foreclosures. I’m looking for something similar with California. Please help! Thanks.
For the record, this isn’t for me. Just a really stupid alcoholic old friend that just called me up tonight to tell me he’s in trouble. Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid.

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Answer by Phil R
Many states have computerized their court systems. However, there is an intentional disconnect between the federal and state systems. I.e. the federal system isn’t available with a check of the state system, and vice versa.

Your best option would be to contact the clerk of a california court, (if you believe there are charges) and ask them for guidance. If there are felony charges, then those charges would show up by calling any police department.. those are usually listed in the NCIC.

Perhaps one of my California compatriots will have more specific information, but if you think there is a problem, the best bet is to not do anything until you find out for sure. If you think your friend has a warrant out, then you should suggest that he contact an attorney, and the contact law enforcement to arrange for his surrender.

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  • mikeysco says:

    Well, I’m not one of Phil’s compatriots, but I can answer the question.

    Nope. Arrest records are confidential in the State of California. Even the arrestee has to submit a set of fingerprints to the State Department of Justice to receive their own arrest record.

    That said, charges filed in a court are public record (note the distinction here; not all arrests result in charges being filed, and not all filings are as the result of an arrest). If you know what court to go to, you can ask and they will tell you. There are private businesses that gather all that public information in one place for you, but I highly doubt they do it for free.

    What you’re asking for does not exist in California because the information is confidential and extraordinarily controlled.

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