Is there any way to get government help to stop foreclosure?

Question by SurfsUp: Is there any way to get government help to stop foreclosure?
There is a sale date for my house, so I don’t know where to turn. Plus I will need money to move.

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Answer by Landlord
If you are not paying your mortgage you have money to move. That makes no sense.

No, tax payers are not (yet) buying each others houses. Do you want to pay for mine? I do not want to pay for yours.

Sell the house and buy something you can afford, with your own income, not mine. I work hard for mine, I want to use it to support my family, not yours.

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  • oncameratalent says:

    Yes, there is some help available through government programs to help consumers facing foreclosure.

    There are also several methods you can use to delay the eviction process after a foreclosure sale, depending on the state you live in. Details about these methods, and other info about foreclosure help can be found on the following website:

    You should also talk to your lender about a “Cash For Keys” agreement where they pay you a lump cash payment in exchange for vacating the property. Almost all lenders will agree to this. Details about that is on the above website also.

  • lu_candid says:

    The government intercedes in foreclosures indirectly through grants and legislation. You may want to look into nonprofit organizations that help with housing issues or your local legal aid.

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