I m in foreclosure April 10 is the sale date at the foreclosure sale auction how can I stop is.?

Question by c4021: I m in foreclosure April 10 is the sale date at the foreclosure sale auction how can I stop is.?
Without filing bankcu… My mortgage is 4000 a month. Is it possible to save the house and lower my payments. The bank said they gave and alotment of foreclosures to a law firm . They will not give me that information.

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Answer by lendingwhiz2008
Just file for BK, you don’t have to complete the BK, but it will stop it and give more time to figure out what to do.

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  • ugalisa says:

    There is still a chance for you to save the home without filing bankruptcy. Call your mortgage company’s loss mitigation department (just call their 1-800 number that you have for customer service and they’ll send you in the right direction) and ask to be put on a payment plan. They will set you up to pay set payments to catch up and prevent the foreclosure. Mortgage companies do not want any homes to go into foreclosure because they lose money when this happens. They are willing to try anything if possible to avoid the foreclosure. Contacting them and letting them know that you are willing to pay payments to catch up will more than likely put the foreclosure on hold. If you do not default on the payments, they cannot foreclose once you are on a set payment plan. This will buy you time to refinance and lower your payments if you can.

  • Alex R says:

    Have you tried working with the lender or the Hope Now Alliance? Most lenders are working with clients to keep them in the homes instead of running you through foreclosure. Call them and let them know you want to work something out.

    If you have some equity in the property I can do a FHA Secure loan to bail you out. Let me know if I can be of service.

  • David P says:

    If in Florida contact Florida Foreclosure Prevention Hotline 877-532-HELP Its Free.

  • boston857 says:

    Too late! That close to sale, nothing but a full payoff would make the bank pull the foreclosure.

  • ▒♥▒♥▒♥▒♥▒™ says:

    I would file bankruptly and call a real estate lawyer

  • Edwyn says:

    I cant really help you but good luck. I know its a hard time going through this but theres always something positive that happens afterwards.

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