How to Stop Foreclosure with Loan Modification Shows you how to save between 30-50% on your mortgage interest and get your bank to give you a mortgage payment that you ca…

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  • Ciro' Di Donna says:

    “We the People” of moderate income should be granted the right to borrow or refinance a low interest home mortgage loan based on income directly from the Fed which should be nationalized for the working class people of our nation” to end the mortgage slavery in America from the bank’s, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, FHA etc. “The Change We Need” must come from the Federal government.

  • miamidadecounty305 says:

    I tell all my clients, don’t roll the dice with your home. Get legal representation. The law firm that I am affiliated with has proven results. The company gives a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot modify your loan and we put that in writing. If you or anyone you know is serious about saving your home call me at: 1-800-305-2313 ext. 101

  • Jamie Wareham says:

    Matt Weidner’s Law Blog is also a great place to find up to date info on Florida Foreclosure laws.

  • fsoiberg says:

    Go to court and ask the Bank to produce the NOTE!

    When they can’t produce the NOTE (because they monetized it. Converted it to money.) the case will be dismissed!

    You don’t have to repay a dept when the lender has been restored. By monetizing the NOTE the bank was restored. Why did the bank do that? To have their cake and the principle and interest paid in each month too (aka Greed).

  • stemborowski says:

    google  paul stemborowski

  • HouseHopeDotInfo says:

    Does this make sense to anyone? If this was true would there be SO MANY foreclosures? If this was true why are 90% of people who QUALIFY for loan modification getting REJECTED by the banks? At you will learn what the banks don’t want you to know. Loan Modification IS NOT the solution but there IS a way to save your home. And it doesn’t cost a penny to learn your legal options.

  • trapptowers says:

    THIS CRISES IS FROM THE BANKS AND GOVERNMENT,if you are being forclosed, cancel your insurance, file bankruptcey,get a electric fryer,fill it with oil,turn it on HI, and leave. thats the best way to SCREW the banks.and if asked,you can say oh! i must have forgotten.

  • rewire69 says:

    .take the bank to court and make them prove they own the house by showing proof they have the Note and I mean the wet ink contract. not a copy of the agreement you signed.I mean the original one you have signed.Loan Mods are nothing but trouble

  • 1stchoicefamilyLLC says:

    Has anyone heard of 499 stop dot com?

  • v33draft says:

    With all the mortgage scams out there screwing the homeowners along with the banks why are the Robin Hood computer hackers not targeting the banks and selectively paying off the victims mortgage. At the very least modifying people’s mortgages to make them much more affordable. God knows if I was blessed with that artful skill I would do just that and it wouldn’t be on a friends and family basis. Come on guys and girls of anonymous and others help us please

  • fivequotes says:

    Very interesting post – Might be old news, but it was news to me.

  • Everett Grover says:

    Great info about foreclosure!

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