can a home be saved from foreclosure on sale date?

Question by Bouchon89: can a home be saved from foreclosure on sale date?
I’ve been trying to get a loan modification since last August, and ever since I’ve been in contact with my lender for updates. last month i received a sale date notice only giving me 15 days from the sale. I called my lender, and he confidently said the sale will be postponed. However today I just found out that sale will still push through because I didn’t qualify– and it will be sold today!!

Can I still postpone it ? how ?

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Answer by Judy
There is a government website set up by HUD
They can probably contact your lender for you and help you prevent foreclosure.
Give them a call (their 800 number – not eamil) – they are set up by the feds – the government is trying to prevent foreclosures – this service is free – use it.

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  • godged says:

    The lender is the only one that can stop the auction now, it is out of your hands.

  • realtor.sailor says:

    You’ve been in loan modification 7 plus months and you just find out today you don’t qualify? Sounds like your lender has been leading you on. Too late to stop the sale but in most states you have the right of redemption. If you can come up with the funds you can buy the home back during the redemption period.


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