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Some who lost homes feel forgotten in foreclosure settlements
The Browns paid one mortgage loan assistance company about $ 3,000 to help them work through the process, but they might as well have buried that money in the front yard. No assistance was rendered. The couple say they became victims of a scam …. She …
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Hands Up. Don't Foreclose.
At worst, when a police officer asks a young man to stop selling untaxed cigarettes or walking in the street, the kid might look up and see an officer who looks like the sheriff who evicted his family and made his parents cry. Trust has been … AHP …
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Little Everett house with a lot of history goes into foreclosure
He has since relocated the coffee shop to the corner of Colby Avenue and California Street, a location which gets more foot traffic. Consequently, the business is doing better, with revenues up about 25 percent this year, LaPointe said.
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