Adams Foreclosure Survival Guide on CD (ALC636)

Adams Foreclosure Survival Guide on CD (ALC636)

  • Clear, easy-to-follow
  • Concise, straightforward and understandable language
  • 304-page e-book
  • Includes state-specific information – Authoritative, accurate, up-to-date
  • All of this on a CD that is PC and Mac compatible

Keep your house or walk away with money in your pocket. The Adams Foreclosure Survival Guide CD is a 304-page e-book that explains the ins and outs of foreclosure procedures with state-by-state information, how to decide whether or not you should try to keep your house, how to get free help negotiating a deal with your lender, how filing for bankruptcy can help you keep your house, and how to avoid foreclosure rescue scams. It includes state-specific information that is authoritative, accurate,

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